Master Class/Clinic Options

All Educational Programs are flexible and may be tailored to fit unique academic situations. All classes and workshops may also include brief performances and question and answer sessions.

Breathing and Buzzing to Beautiful Sounds (grades 4-collegiate)

This workshop will cover the basic aspects of brass playing in a manner accessible to non-brass players and brass professionals alike. This participatory session will work through an efficient breath to creating a solid “buzz" on a mouthpiece, and into great sounds from your students. Many of the skills and exercises to be discussed in this session will also be beneficial to other wind instrumentalists.

Creating a Career in Music (grades 11-collegiate)

This workshop is designed for advanced high school and collegiate level students who are intending to pursue a career as a professional musician. Students will be given tips on everything from how to start from scratch, where to look for resources, to gig etiquette, and networking. This workshop will be based on the student’s direction and interests.

Performance Class (grades 11-collegiate)

The standard performance class is designed for advanced high school students and collegiate students. This class gives students the chance to perform their works in front of their peers and allows them to get feedback from a professional soloist.

Trumpet Class (grades 4-collegiate)

This class gives trumpet students the chance to discuss the issues of trumpet performance. Topics covered may include sectional playing, solo repertoire, breathing, and equipment.

Sectionals (grades 4-collegiate)

Students will get the opportunity to work through current repertoire with a professional trumpet musician. Students will learn to work as a section, and learn proper section etiquette. Sectionals may be trumpets, or full brass sectionals.

Full Band Clinic (grades 4-collegiate)

The full band clinic gives the ensemble a chance to work through their current repertoire with feedback and coaching.

Mendez Project 2-day Clinic/Concert Experience (grades 9-collegiate)

Mr. O’Hara has been a long time advocate for music education and giving student musicians the opportunity to work and perform with professionals. Along those lines, and in the tradition of the great Rafael Mendez, he is currently offering a two-day clinic and concert event.

Students will enjoy two days of rehearsals and clinics culminating with a concert event. The concert would consist of selections for trumpet and piano, trumpet and wind ensemble, and a piece or two featuring your band on its own.


Master Class and Clinic options now available with the Alliance Brass Quintet. Give your students the ultimate brass experience by bringing the virtuosos of the Alliance Brass to your school.

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